Celestial Collisions

The following project spanned across 800 editions that were released on FXHash in Dec 2021. Conceptually, this was a meditation on scale and collision. Scale is intuitively misunderstood by humans. We have a poor judgement how big, or how small things really are as we do not have a reference of comparison.

It may be due to the fact that these scales are recent discoveries.

We have seen stars for millenium, but we have not had a good understanding at their size until… The same goes for really small items. It was less than 150 years ago when we realized the microscopic bacteria that pervades every surface of our lives.

as one can maybe interpret these pieces of astronomical proportions (aka light years) down to molecular measures (Angstroms). The aesthetic language used to explore this concept was exploring the idea of using a single pixel to generate larger objects with the subtle flow of waves.


Another aspect embodied in this work is to question what the image is about. We We think of still images to be something recognizable. The Mona Lisa is the Mona Lisa. There is nothing that can be changed of the piece and has been the driving force of authenticity. Now the age of the blockchain is here, and one does have to ask the question as the authenticity is built into the blockchain knowing that forever the creator of this piece was


and thus the emphasis isn’t in the aesthetic of the image but rather in the creation of the collection and its conceptual ideas. And that does

Does the picture have to be exactly the same?

A question like this is but interesting in the sense that you can easily simply say, well its just due to a bug in the code. Or is the point to disorientate ourselves from the aesthetics of the image to the conceptual idea of scale and collisions.





Background Jitter

Background Jitter Type

Atomic Spatter

Collision Jitter



Some more examples of images: