Blockchain Analytics

The following post provides some context around the many many different technologies that are currently out there in the blockchain space. Much of these are changing on a monthly basis with new things coming out all the time. So I thought it might be good to have a document that tries to compile what this landscape currently looks like in 2022. Value Store Blockchain Bitcoin - open source payment network Blockchains (Multipurpose) Ethereum The current most popular Solana Currently one of the rising stars in the space, there are many interesting projects that are currently being worked on....

October 26, 2022 · 1 min · 162 words · Chris Ried

Web3 Landscape (2022)

First of all, this continues to change and will be extremely interesting to work with over the next number of years. There are a number of interesting use cases ad much is about rethinking the web infrastructure. Wallets Metamask - Muun Security Coinbase - A marketplace L2 Blockchain Polygon - Finance Digital Collectables (NFTs) OpenSea - First and currently the foremost NFT platform supporting the ethereum and L2 Polygon chains

October 26, 2022 · 1 min · 70 words · Chris Ried