Believing that something is crap, is creative indigestion. It inhibits your power to create, sucks your soul’s happiness and breeds stress and rejection. It becomes a waste of time, rather than further develop. We discontinue this crap that we have mistaken as no creativity. This is a perception that needs to be overcome and dealt with. But how do you overcome?

Don’t Limit your Creativity

As people we generally want to be like the Jones. This is inherent; we deem it necessary to survive in the vivacious world of competition. But, Competition should drive us, rather than control us. For keeping up will limit us to their best. And limits to creativity should never keep us from trying to create and letting our minds be wild. Honestly our best should be our passion to want to develop. A passion to push the envelope and find new ways of defining and redefining what we create.

Be OK with something not yet good enough.

As a perfectionist, I find myself not creating and worrying about the not good enough; this inhibits further growth of any project. So at times, it is just a good idea of putting it out there, even when it isn’t really good enough. But that is the beauty about trying again. Creativity is not a final grade Don’t give up when there is confrontation or indifference to your current good enough.

Let it Flow

Creativity is a partnership; it means we use our ideas in our passions and further test them out. As we test and try, and spend time with them; they become part of us. Just like a 6th sense it starts to hinge on and becomes a passionate limb. In accepting that, we start to instinctively just be creative rather than “try to be” creative.

Innovate, Breakdown and Innovate More

Try, try and try again. Don’t like it, retry what you did with a different method. Scrape the other and try again, it’s only through a continual trying, testing and reproducing to produce that we find new ways of doing. For as we do, we unearth questions that we might be able to answer.

Perfect never comes.

Simple enough, even though I have wished it to be true; we will never find the perfect. So go with what you have and improve.